Wednesday, February 22, 2006

2.17 - The One with the Flu-like symptoms

Being a legal guardian has its perks...I suppose...yesterday I got an email from the Headmaster of TCS where my "kid" goes to school. For those of you who don't know, Trinity College School is a prep school and we (the real parents) pay a nice tuition for him to go there. Check it out...

Dear Parents,

We are experiencing a high number of students with flu-like symptomsat TCS. As a result, I would like to make you aware of some of themeasures we are taking at the School.

First and foremost we are postponing all due dates on assignments,presentations and tests. In short, "nothing" is due this week. It is our hope that without the added burden of these formal evaluations, students will get to bed sooner, or in some cases, stay at home and get the necessary rest that is required without worrying about the penalties to do so!

Day students are encouraged to stay at home if they are feeling unwell; boarding students will be accomodated by allowing a "sleep-in"on Thursday and discouraged from attending classes altogether if theyare also feeling unwell. Please note that all busing will be "as per usual". So, if your child is feeling up to it, then we will still be running programme.

I have attached a "modified schedule" prepared by our Dean ofFaculty, Mr. Elsley, for this Thursday February 23rd. If you are in the Senior School, I would ask that you review. The key element of theattachment is that we will be running a shortened day" in theafternoon on Thursday. In other words, while our buses will still runon time, classes will not begin until 12:30. (So, day students are welcome to arrive at 12:30 if they have their own transportation and boarders are welcome to have an extended sleep!)

I would reiterate that the intention of this modified schedule is to provide better conditions to allow for student rest. Your support inenforcing bed times would be appreciated! Thank you for your support. All the very best.

Trinity College School

uh huh...


L.Bo Marie said...

as if....

Dalton said...

Give your child chicken noodle soup. That'll help the process along.

Rebecca said...

Must be nice!