Monday, February 13, 2006

2.15 - The One with the BEST meal of the day

I learnt that the first meal of the day is NOT is G'Nort.

G'NORT (guh'nort) n., The first meal of the day, before breakfast. It consists of only candy and other sugar based treats.

here's to g'nort and its wonderous treasures...along with second breakfast and elevenses


Dalton said...

Sick. Candy in the morning is a bad idea. Unless its a Belgian waffle COATED in maple syrup and whipped cream. Could this be considered a G'nort?

L.Bo Marie said...

*phew* I thought you were considering cooking up my friend Norton.

Sarahthedoula said...

mmm.... Never heard it called that before, but I have been known to get out of bed, grab some cookies and/or candy, then crawl right back into bed and read till almost noon. Did that on saturday as a matter of fact. Where ever did you find the term g'nort??

T said...

Belgin waffle? YES
cookies AND candy? absolutely
rabbits? chocolate ones...YES

I came across this term when we were at our Sr. Hi Sno Camp retreat up in MBC. One church had shirts printed and they wore them all weekend...they also had a song...can't remember how it went but it was very informative.

Now we have the term for the First meal of the day...what about the one you eat JUST before bed?

The Nanny said...

What about leftover Pizza & Chinese Food? would they be considered a G'Nort? or ar ethey too "Meal Like"

T said...

It consists of only candy and other sugar based treats.