Monday, February 27, 2006

2.19 - The One with the frosted tips

It's -12 degrees celcius, and I decided to go sit in Trav's hot tub. Mid way through the session...he leans over with his fogged up glasses and stares somewhere above my head. I'm not entirely sure what he's looking at...then he starts giggling like a little girl. "Ha ha ha look at your hair...its white at the tips!"

Now being chinese I'm used to seeing this...frosted tips. My girlfriend in college once asked me why I didn't "frost" my reply..."I'm not filipino". After coming back into the house...Trav tells his dad that my hair was white, much like his response..."oh you mean distinguished"...much better


travwho said...

To be clear.. it was more of a White Patch at the front of your Dark Hair (Can't get a Ding outta that one.. I tried)

L.Bo Marie said...

WHO started that aweful ding?