Monday, January 30, 2006

2.11 - The One with the moment

I saw this on TV the other day...guess what they were advertising? I took out the last line so it didn't make it too blatenly obvious...

A Moment, if you please,
moments can be short,
moments can be long.
There are moments of joy,
moments of sorrow,
moments of passion.

Moments you'll never forget,
moments you've already forgotten,
moments you didn't get.
There are awkward moments,
senior moments,
moments of truth,
and momentary lapses of judgement.

People will ask for a moment,
share a moment,
"I need a moment",
"You got a moment?"
"Hey, wait a moment!"
You can take a moment
make a moment,
spoil a moment.

And if all the stars align at just the right moment,
that moment can be perfect.
Moments can define you,
moments can delight you,
and moments can change your life.

Here's to the moment,
and squeezing all you can out of every, last, single one of them.
Pursue the moment...


L.Bo Marie said...

I think it's time for a rematch of Mario cart... all the tracks... overall winner gets um.. something... VanDan said he'd unlocked some other cars... I want to ride in the purple one. I want Toad to drive it, and I want the little girl with braids in the back seat...

L.Bo Marie said...

wait a second... were they even options??? or do they still need to be unlocked too?

Travwho said...

Ummm... Tim Horton's Coffee?!?!

Dalton said...

'Sexual Healing.'
- Marvin Gaye

Crilly said...

"Sexual Healing"
Also by Ben Harper

JKC said...

isn't it a car commercial??

T said...

Jenn is the's a Lexus commercial...very well done..

travwho said...

I was going to guess Kodak.. it would make sense for a picture/camera company...

Crilly said...

Well, I knew the answer, I was just confused by the 'Sexual Healing' comment.

L.Bo Marie said...

Re: D's comment:: maybe it was a cry for help?

T said...

ouch...very ouch

Emily said... guys are funny. I was going to say beer. But maybe that is indicative of my character or something.

Speaking of beer commercials, have you seen the latest ad for Canadian? Oh gosh. It's funny. And since I think it's hilarious I'm sure the rest of the world won't really see what's so amusing about it. Sigh.

I think it's funny.

Anonymous said...

latest ad for canadian? is it the one with all the guys singing...

first there was nothing.
but a slow, glowing dream
that your fear seems to hide
deep inside
what a feeling.
bein's believin
I can have it all,
now I'm dancing for my life.

hilarius... especially the asian guy