Monday, February 06, 2006

2.13 - The One with the Word Verification

So my Super Bowl predictions were a little off...but the Steelers did win...congrats to Jerome Betis on winning in his home town and retiring on Coach Bill Cower...for sticking with this team for 15 years and finally winning...and to Big Ben...the sophmore QB who's the real deal...although I still think his TD in the 1st half should have been called back. Regardless it was a fun game to watch. Play of the game...the trick play that had Roethlisberger hand off to Parker, who in turn reversed the ball to wide reciever Randel El. He had Ward wide open and threw it 43 yards for the touchdown.

Just for the clarification for Van Dan...5 quarters in football including the 1/2 time show, and for TravWho...the team in yellow scored 21 and the team in green had 10.

my word verification of the day is "soewogy" What's a soewogy?


Dalton said...

The game was great. The TD should have been called back. The Stones were lame BUT the bass player looked like Samuel L. Jackson.

Travwho said...

HAY! The other team was blue... a cool Metalic Blue

L.Bo Marie said...

LOL... we had a superbowl party at small group... just so we could eat chilli and burritos. We forgot to watch the game.