Monday, April 11, 2005

1.02 - The One with all the Nonviolence

so I'm dreading going to my CPI course today cuz it just seemed sooo boring, but when I get there I sit at the table in the back with Rick, Ginny, and seemed like a fun the course gets going we start to joke and laugh...and get loud disturbing the class. Its a good
thing that I'm pretty tight with our instructor and that she has a good sense of humour. We survive through the day with much fun and laughter...but at lunch...that's when we dragged Shelly into the mix and we lost it from there...and I thought that it would be boring...tells you how much I know. Oh and btw...if you don't know what CPI's Nonviolent Physical Crisis Intervention (why isn't it NPCI? it is...but the course is called CPI...why? I dunno...I just work there). Fresh from training...I know ALL the answers...just as long as I have my book.

I'd like to take this moment and give a shout out to my main man Tiger Woods who claimed his 4th Green Jacket yesterday. That chip for birdie on 16 was crazy...too bad he followed up with 2 bogeys. Anywayz...congrats to him and the jacket. But why do they give out a jacket at the Masters? Every other tournament you get a trophy...but nope...this one is get a jacket...and to cap it all's green. I suppose when your tournament is called The Masters, you can give out whatever you want to the winner. I think if I ever had my own golf tournament I'd like to give out a guitar or something that's not related to golf in anyway.


Some Random Guy said...

he looks funny