Wednesday, April 20, 2005

1.09 - The One with all the rain

After really warm and sunny skys for the past 2 decides to rain today. I don't think it has stopped raining at all today and it doesn't look like it wants to let up. I guess its April showers right? Well, we need the rain...the golf courses look terrible and I want to go golfing...but not on rock hard brown grass. Talking to D-Ray (who's in England right now), he's saying that they get 3 outta 7 days of cloudy and crappy weather...but the other 4 days are why is that? And if you goto Bermuda or even Cali, its nice for weeks upon end...with no rain in sight...maybe it's cuz of the ocean...why couldn't Lake Ontario be an ocean? We could call it the Ontario Ocean...the big Double 'O'.

WHAT!?!?! says Lil Jon...if you don't know who Lil Jon is...he's a rapper (with lots of metal in his teeth) that tends to yell out WHAT!!! YEEEEEAAAAHHHH!!! in every single song he does. Why does he yell out WHAT!!! all the time? Perhaps cuz he's curious..and when he says YEEEEAAAHHHH!!! that's when he get's the answer. OR maybe he's just hard of hearing...from all the partying and loud music. The metal in his teeth must interfere with his hearing creates some sort of radio/electrical interference in the atmosphere causing all miniature electrical devices within a range of x meters to deactivate or malfunction and subsequently refuse to reactivate. [this theory brought to you by the Legend that is D]