Monday, April 18, 2005

1.07 - The One with the game which thought it was a movie

I love to watch action films, especially if they star my fellow Asian brothers (Jet Li, Jackie Chan, etc.). Now SCEA made a game for the PS2 starring Jet Li called Rise to Honor. The game play is totally different than any other button mashing action game. Instead of using the "normal" butttons to punch, kick, get to use the right analog stick (which is the joystick on the right side of the PS2 controller). You "slap" it to the direction of your enemy to preform a random you find yourself tirelessly "slapping" this thing into submission while beating up all the bad guys. Now to make this game less repeatative (and more annoying) the gamemakers decided to put some "stealth" missions into the game where you sneak around, hide and avoid the beam of light which come out of the flashlights held by the ever dangerous security guards. You can stand in front of the guards, but as long as you're outside of the light...he can't see you. That would be a neat trick to have had when I was a kid playing hide & seek.

The game goes on varriying between fighting, stealth and shooting for 66+ levels...thankfully they are short and is driven by a pretty good storyline. But the difficulty level becomes ridunkulous by the end. Rise to Honor would have made a better movie than a game. It even includes a behind the scenes look at how they made the game along with interviews with Jet Li, the producers and other actors. I think I'll pop in Romeo Must Die...