Tuesday, April 12, 2005

1.03 - The One with the missing extras

When movie studios first started to put out DVD's as opposed to the old school VHS tapes, the coolest things about them were the extra bonus features that they stick onto the DVD's. They will put the movie trailers, behind the scenes look at how they made the movie, Director and/or actor commentaries, and so on. They even have an extra disc now to cram all those extras on it...in the case of The Lord of The Rings series...director Peter Jackson went to great lengths to put together an Extended Edition of his movies. From 30-60 minutes of extra footage that never made the theatrical cut. Usually the bigger the movie, the more extras they put on the DVD. Not in the case of Warner Brother's Ocean's 12. The sequel to the ever popular Ocean's 11 starring some big time actors and directed by a big time director. So you'd think that a movie that made over $125 Million at the box office would put out a good DVD with tons of extras?


I know its heist movie and all about misdirection...but this is ridunkulous (pronounced re-dunk-U-lus. adj. beyond ridiculous). All you get is the theatrical trailer...the trailers for The Aviator, The Phantom of the Opera, & Million Dollar Baby. You don't even get the ever useless teaser trailer. Even Ocean's 11 had a behind the scenes feature and audio commentaries. Lucky for me I bought my copy at WalMart...it comes packaged with the Ocean's 12 BONUS DISC. An extra disc with its own case and cool looking jacket. But all that is on the "bonus" DVD is a 13 minute HBO First Look Special...which doesn't really do much but show the trailer and shows you a couple behind the scenes things. Mostly Brad Pitt being very sarcastic and the big Hollywood stars having a good time joking around while filming the movie. But the movie is very good...not as good as the first, but it can hold it's own. So...who stole the extras?


~ robin ~ said...

well at least i'm not the only one who was ripped off about this... have yet to see the bonus disc tho. and apparently i'm not the only one who says ridunkulous :)