Friday, September 28, 2007

3.70 - The One with the Fun Run

ahh...The Office is back. I had to stay up to watch the west coast broadcast at made for a long day with me having to get up at 5am to go into Toronto...but it was all worth it. Season 4 kicked off with an hour long episode and I loved every moment of it...from Michael hitting Meredeth with his car and trying to make it seem like it wasn't his fault, to finally seeing Pam and Jim officially together. Highlights from the 'Fun Run'

  • Michael present the giant cheque to the "nurse" for $340 made out to 'Science'
  • Andy and his nipple chaffing
  • Dwight euthanizing Angela's cat because it was sick, "They don't provide milk wool or meat"
  • Stanley, Oscar and Creed taking the cab to get drinks instead of running
  • Toby winning the race, "Ya! I'm the winner! Toby Flenderson! Where are we?" "5 km from the office" "He couldn't have made it a circle?"
  • Seeing Ryan in his Corporate Office
  • Kevin trying his hardest to see if Pam and Jim are dating, "Pam and Jim are perfect together, like, PB & J...Pam Beasely and Jim...what a waste!"
looks like it'll be a great season...