Tuesday, September 04, 2007

3.60 - The One with the Labour Day long weekend

I enjoy long weekends, especially now that I don't have to work any of them. It's a nice break and a great excuse to pack it in with so much to do. Here are some of my highlights:

  • Emily came for a visit after spending a year in Sierra Leone. Nice to see her again...
  • CNE on Saturday...not as big of a deal as I remembered it was
  • the food in the Food Building at the Ex...wow...so much to see and eat
  • The Acme Cheese Cake Factory...too much to choose from
  • $3 parking a block north of the Ex...too bad for those suckers who paid up the nose for parking downtown Toronto
  • flour bombs at the VanEssen Estate...always a good time
  • shot a +8 at Shelter Valley Pines...pretty good since I found the adjacent fairways twice
too bad every weekend wasn't a long weekend. Anyways, The Office Season 3 on DVD today...and the big Apple announcement tomorrow!! I'm thinking iPod touch!