Wednesday, September 05, 2007

3.61 - The One with MLG

I was tolerant when they showed billiards and darts on my sports channels on TV. Then they started showing poker...and the professional poker tour. How is that a sport? It's a one at that...but it requires no physical training at all. Now the big thing is the MLG - Major League Gaming...where they show tournaments of video game players competing in teams. That's right video games...and these are 'pros'. They get paid to play games like Halo 2 and Rainbow Six competitively...on tour. The worst thing is...they are showing it on my sports channels!! It's not even a sport! ESPN has already done what MTV did...gotten away from what broadcasting they were built on. I don't even think MTV shows music videos anymore. ESPN is mostly sports talk shows...they had to create ESPN2 just so that they can show regular live sporting events...although ESPN still has SportsCenter every night. Once they start showing poker, or MLG highlights on SportsCenter...then you'll know that America has really hit rock bottom.