Monday, October 01, 2007

3.71 - The One with the tickets

A couple things to start off:

  • Props to Mike Weir for beating Tiger Woods during the President's Cup this past weekend. It's even sweeter that he beat him in Canada
  • what the heck happened to the Mets? and the Bears? well the Bears loss wasn't as bad as the Met's collapase!
  • congrats to Brett Farve for topping Dan Marino for the all time TD passing record.
  • NHL in London? I guess it was a good idea...but the anthem singer? yikes
  • now onto 'real' life...
It's October 1st and I still don't have my iPod Touch. But...that's ok...I'll live with it. I'll wait until Christmas for it. Actually...I spent the money I had put aside for the iTouch on a few other things. What did you buy you ask? Well...take a look:I saw them at the Footlocker at Square One Mall and said I had to have them. Ya...that's right I bought new shoes...BUT that's not the only thing I bought. On Friday morning I purchase 2 tickets for the now sold out Michael Bublé concert at the ACC in January for me and my girl. That's jealous...

oh ya...I'm saving for a ring too...the kind that has a shiny rock on it...the iPod can wait