Tuesday, September 18, 2007

3.66 - The One with the delicious candy buttons

Anyone remember this? I don't remember this ad but I do remember the Power Pad...DDR eat your heart out. Check out the caption at the bottom of the ad...honestly who wrote this?

"Here's a nightmare scenario: Your face has cleared up enough that you feel confident asking Susie over to your house. You've got the perfect day all planned out: Your parents are gone for the weekend, there's a romantic dinner ready to be cooked, and you think setting the wall clock four feet off the ground will really show her you care about her very short needs. If you play your cards right, you will be a man before this night is out. But just as she's gotten her shoes off, oh no! Biff Tannen suddenly appears in your den, and he wants to show off his Bruce Lee fighting poses! How to stall him so you can work your mojo? Keep him occupied with the NES Power Pad control system from Nintendo. The buttons resemble delicious candy, and with any luck Biff will be so proud you figured out you can just pound the mad with your fists instead of actually running, he might forget to beat you up. Later, use the mat for more creative purposes to keep your mother from finding a wet spot on the couch. For added fun, keep Track and Field running as you do so. See how far you can get in the long jump."

uhhh...who actually named their kid "Biff"? and the wet spot? yikes


L.Bo Marie said...

no friggin' way.. how did they manage to get that printed?