Tuesday, October 31, 2006

2.99 - The One with the unlikely winner

Don't you love it when the team you cheer for wins the big game? Especially when the 'experts' write them off? Last Friday my St. Louis Cardinals won the World Series...they set a Major League record for the team with the least wins in the regular season to win the World Series. All these so called 'Baseball analysts and expers' predicted that the Detroit Tigers would win it with no problems at all. But with shoddy defense and the inability to hit the ball...the Tigers basically washed their chances down the drain.

Today is Halloween...time for all those kids to run around and collect free candy from people that they don't know. Trav and I were talking about how we could skip Halloween and go right into the Christmas season. It's not like we dress up and celebrate the day...it's basically just a barrier that keeps us...well more Trav...from decorating for Christmas. 'Tis the Season starts tomorrow...book it.