Monday, October 16, 2006

2.94 - The One with the wrong goal

There has always been a difference between Canadians and Americans...for starters they pronounce the 26th letter of the alphabet 'zeeee' while we correctly say 'zed'. I have nothing against Americans...I love visiting their country and I buy into their economy. But the thing that gets how the American politicians campaign against each other. The commercials on TV are just down right nasty. Very cut throat and it seems like they don't respect each other. One candidate for congress in New York State advertises that he was in the navy fighting against communisim, Saddam Hussein, cancer, etc. Now he has retired and he's fighting on the homefront for you and your well being. Seems very violent to me...I don't think I would consider voting for him if I could.

Speaking of the wrong goal...check this out...'re a soccer could you let this happen?