Saturday, October 21, 2006

2.96 - The One with the new phone

Rule number one...liquids and any piece of technology don't mix well...EVER. Don't let anyone fool you...this lesson was reviewed the other night. Coming back from a very successful shopping trip...we were on our way home when I placed my cell phone in the cup holder and my friend who we'll call Naomi (cuz that's her name) put her fountain drink the the holder behind it. Somehow she managed to flip her cup upside down into the the holder which my phone was located, submersing it in diet coke. At first everything seemed to be fine with the phone...I could make and receive calls, same with text messages. The problem came when I tried to charge my phone...all it said was 'unable to charge'. Great...I've come to the point in my life where I can't live without my cell phone. So the next day I went and bought a replacement for my phone...amazing how a little portable phone has such an impact on ones life.

In other news: yesterday was Amanda and Travis' wedding. The day started of with rain, but by the time the ceremony was over the rain had dissipated. The ceremony was held in a little church and it was wonderful. Amanda looked did her bridesmaids. The reception was great...MC Trav-Who did a fab job, dinner was good, and the party after was spectacular. One complaint is the song selection for the dance...very weak. Oh ya...and Dalton made a cameo...crazy guy drove from Caronport Saskatchewan to Brighton Ontario where the reception was held. I think he said he slept for a total of 8 hours since he left Wednesday evening and arrived Friday night. Let me tell you...when he got there...he recieved a very warm reception and Lesley was beaming. They're such a cute couple...alright on to the pics from last night:

The Wedding Party

Me, Amanda and Trav-Who

Naomi and I (yes the same on who coated my phone with diet coke)

MC Trav-Who

Maid of Honour Lesley making her speech

Rachel having a little too much fun with the plates

Jon & Rebecca

The newly weds


~ robin ~ said...

hm... my husband went to school with a guy named dalton in caronport... i wonder if it's the same guy?

L.Bo Marie said...

Dalton goes to school in caronport!!!!!! Was is Briercrest?

whoa... small world

~ robin ~ said...

yes, it was briercrest. (the only other school there is a high school) and dalton isn't a very common name... it IS a small world :) then again, briercrest is a BIG school in a SMALL town.