Tuesday, October 10, 2006

2.91 - The One with the help button

check it out...I've rented a car for the next two weeks because the Highlander is being used by the person who owns it...and I've become dependant on a vehicle...yes...very bad. Anyways, I go to the rental place who tell me that the car that I have reserved isn't available so they will have to upgrade me to a better car for the same price. What I get is an '06 silver Chevy Impala...fully loaded...even includes the funky rear view mirror with the OnStar buttons.

I was already not a fan of this rear view mirror when I first started to drive the Impala. It's really big and it kinda obstructs my vision. Now I have even more reason not to like it. I was driving around this evening and I wanted to flip the mirror up so that the headlights from the cars behind me wouldn't be a distraction. As I grab the switch to flip it up the entire mirror moves...so I brace it with my thumb and try again. This time I accidentally hit the emergency OnStar button...that's right...of the three buttons I hit, it was the emergency one. Not the phone, not the OnStar button that gives you directions...the emergency button. The stereo turns off...the dash says 'phone'...and a voice comes over the speakers:

"This is OnStar Emergency Services...how may I help you?"
ummm...I'm sorry, I accidentally hit the button when I was trying to adjust the mirror
"so there is no emergency?"
nope...just me feeling like an idoit for hitting that button
"that's ok, it happens all the time. So there's no emergency?"
no...there's no emergency
"well, we're here if you need us. Have a nice day."

ya ya...laugh at the foreign guy


Crilly said...

The Impala was one of the cars I worked on at GM. When I was on the care line, I had to do all sorts of checks on the interior.
I hit that button many a time too.
But over all I kind of liked the car.

L.Bo Marie said...

who's foreign? The on star person?
wait... now I'm confused.

T said...

the foreign guy would be me...duh...now laugh at the 'french' girl