Wednesday, January 18, 2006

2.06 - The One with the ice rink

I have a confession...I can't skate...well...more so that I can't stop on skates. Yesterday afternoon as I stepped out my door I was greeted by an ice rink made from the fabulous freezing rain. I literally slid all the way down my driveway...oh so fun. It was even more fun to watch my neighbour try to park his car into his driveway. I would have helped him by pushing his car...but who are we kidding...if his all season radials can't get any traction...what will my Nike ACG's do?

This morning my brother calls me and tells me he's not going to school because of a snow's +3 outside...threatening to rain...but I don't see any snow outside on the roads. Sure the rain might turn into ice again...but if this was back in Saskatoon where I grew up..they would have been told to suck it up and goto school...Ontarioians...weak I tell you...weak!


~ robin ~ said...

weak indeed! in saskatchewan, school buses continue to run all winter ~ in all conditions ~ unless it's -40 or colder. and it's been colder! this winter though... not so much. today is -15 and it's the coldest it's been all year! yay for global warming! or... not.

L.Bo Marie said...

What the heck.. why do the quotes always make me sound like an idiot???