Tuesday, January 24, 2006

2.07 - The One with the election

2 words to describe the weekend...



I was back up at MBC this time with kids my age...and we had a blast. Speaker was great...challenged us in many different ways. The Penny Merchants were there to lead worship in song...and of course the food was amazing. The weather was warm enough to walk around in a hoody...but cool enough to hold the snow. The "ouch" part of the weekend happened when I decided to sacrifice my body for the good of the volleyball team, dive and dig a spike...my hip was greeted by the rock hard tile gym floor. Also...it didn't help my cause when the so called mattresses that they have placed on the oh so sturdy bunk beds are just a little softer than the floor. But...no pain...no gain right? Just think...I get to go back in a couple weeks with the highschool kids...can't wait for that.

We now have a new government in this fine country of ours...last night I went to my first ever Election party...mainly I went for fear of getting drop kicked. I really didn't care what the outcome of the election was...I voted...I let my voice be heard...the guy I voted for won in my riding...yippeee...I think he's going to be a backbencher anywayz. I still wish that there was a space so I could have voted for Pedro...I have some wild dreams that he could have made come true.