Thursday, January 29, 2009

5.39 - The One with the u-Haul chase

I got my car stuck in the parking lot of my apartment last night. Not so fun. It took Naomi, myself and our neighbour to get my car in a parking spot. It would have been nice if they plowed even a little bit of our lot during the day. Anyways, once all that was done, I went on my computer and checked out what was happening in the world...and I see this on Twitter:
No way! A live police chase...but with a u-Haul truck? Intrigued, I follow the link to Live and watch this woman leading the cops through LA weaving in and out of traffic in a stolen u-Haul van. I caught the tail end of the 2 hour pursuit, ending with a short foot chase. It's pretty remarkable that someone would still think that they could get away in a car chase these days.

here's a video:

[via YouTube]