Monday, January 12, 2009

5.33 - The One with all the awards

Ah...the entertainment awards show season is upon us. It started with the People's Choice Awards, and last night was the Golden Globes. The Oscars and Grammy's will be on the air very soon. What struck me as I was watching the Golden Globes last night was that the award that they get isn't all that special looking. Since the Globes is the precursor to the Oscars, you'd think that the award would look good. I think it looks like something you get from a Little League Tournament...

The Golden Globe - the inscription could read "Participant"

The Oscar...made of gold and oh so shiny

The Grammy...looks great

The People's Choice - made of glass...very classy

The Tony Award - kinda looks like the Golden Globe...but the spiny thing is fun

MTV Music Award - Everyone loves the Spaceman

The Teen's Choice Award - it's big and you can ride it (That's what she said)

The MTV Movie Award - Who doesn't like popcorn?

Which award is your fav? Oh and 24 is back for it's 7th season. Kiefer said in an interview that this is the best season yet. I noticed last night when Jack Bauer was driving that he didn't have his seat belt on. Then Naomi turned to me and said, "He's Jack Bauer, he doesn't need a seat belt." So true!


jamEs said...

You're right, that Golden Globe is so non-descript. I think in my head I always envisioned that it would be big globe, but that globe isn't even a quarter of the size of the whole trophy.

Anonymous said...

lol that is what she said.