Monday, April 28, 2008

4.55 - The One with the predictable weather

It's wet, rainy and cold out today...I must be turning another year older. It never's always this way on my birthday...except for one year it was actually nice and sunny. BUT there's always an exception to every rule right? At least it's not snowing here like some other parts in the country...*cough* Saskatoon *cough*

Although the weather was nice yesterday got a chance to get on the golf course for the first time this year. Didn't do too too bad considering I didn't hit the range at all beforehand. But again, always room for improvement.
Got Mario Kart Wii for my far...a pretty solid game. I've been using the wii wheel that it comes with. It's really just a plastic shell that holds your wiimote in place like a steering wheel. It feels pretty good in the hands and it's not flimsy...I'm a fan. One major difference in Mario Kart can race on bikes...they're pretty sweet.