Tuesday, April 01, 2008

4.41 - The with the flying penguins

no I'm not talking about the Pittsburgh Penguins...although having Crosby, Malkin and Hossa on a line is pretty scary...The BBC has a new follow up to their amazing Planet Earth series with one about animals. Check out these penguins that they found...it's pretty spectacular!

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Oh and this is pretty cool too!

Behold the Colossus Of Analog/Digital Convergence!

Here at ThinkGeek, we fully grok that digital convergence is all the rage. We've been stocking cassette and vinyl and other analog to digital media converters for years now. And for some reason you keep buying. But we felt like we were leaving out some folks. Specifically, many folks that recorded home movies between the year 1975 and about 1984. Think Air Supply, Pat Benatar, and 'Who Shot JR?' and you'll get the idea. So we took a trip to Awesome Town and picked up this nifty Betamax to HD-DVD converter - at a price that shouts "Totally Tubular". Betamax and HD-DVD are like a match literally made in heaven (you know, that place you go when you die?), and now you can get a slice for yourself. Featuring simple one-touch record between either format, your media has never felt less obsolete.

Did you know that with the introduction of Beta hi-fi audio, the Betamax lost its slim luminance horizontal resolution advantage to VHS? And did you also know that a dual-layer HD DVD holds a maximum of 30 GB of data and a comparable Blu-ray Disc holds a maximum of 50 GB? Mere coincidence? We think not!

  • One button transfer between Betamax and HD-DVD
  • Play and Record both Super and regular BetaMax
  • Blah, blah, blah
  • Uses electricity
  • Has a manual
  • Something else
  • Frakkin' sweet remote
  • You aren't even reading this

[via ThinkGeek]

...ya if you haven't figured it out...Happy April Fools Day!


L.Bo Marie said...

think geek and making fiends are still my favorite april fool's websites....