Thursday, April 03, 2008

4.42 - The One with the botched call

Is there something in that ATL water that the officals are drinking? Kind of like "Mike's secret stuff" from Space Jam? Except it impairs them and makes them make bad calls. First was the Heat and Hawks game where Shaq "fouled" out, but really didn't. Now this one? There was 0.1 of a second that ticked away before TJ touched it!

That in my books is this season's PLAY OF THE YEAR. You could compare it to Dwight "Superman Lay-up" Howard's buzzer beating alley-oop last season. What makes it better is that No one even though about TJ going up and getting that. What an amazing play. Sam really pulled that one out of his sleeve. OH but wait! The officials called it back...riDUNKulous!

[via YouTube]


Crilly said...

Sorry T. It looked like the right call to me.