Friday, February 29, 2008

4.26 - The One with the 7th day

Day 7

Microsoft e-mailed me yesterday and told me that they have received my XBox 360 and that I can check the status of the repair by logging on the the Xbox website. There it explains to me which step they are on...the problem is...they only have 4 steps:

  1. After your repair order is submitted, your status will change to Repair order submitted. This means that it is in the queue to be processed.
  2. After it is processed, your repair order status will change to Waiting for device at service center. The total length of this process depends on you! We will ship an empty box to you by using ground service. When you receive the box, you will pack your console using the included instructions. Send it back to us by using the ground shipping that is included.
  3. When we receive your console, the status will change to Device received at service center. It will require up to two business days to repair or replace your console.
  4. When your console is repaired or replaced, we will ship it to you by using ground service. The status of your order will change to Device shipped to customer.
so currently we're on step 3...hopefully they send it back to me on's hoping. At least I didn't have a customized case that got cleaned by the repair staff. Read the article after the jump.

Once upon a time there was a boy who loved video games. This boy bought an Xbox 360. Two years later it broke. The boy had no choice but to send it in for repairs. It was then that Microsoft decided to screw him over. A very big bend on over so we can give you the royal treatment sort of screwing.

[via Hawty McBloggy]