Wednesday, February 27, 2008

4.24 - The One with the "coffin"

Day 5

When I called Microsoft on Saturday to tell them that my XBox 360 had red lighted they told me that they would send out a box (coffin) for it to be sent back to their repair facility. They told me that it would be about a week before I get it. I thought that it was coming from the States, but to my came yesterday (Tuesday) from Toronto. So this gives me a little more hope that my XBox will come back to me sooner than I though. Here are some pics of the "coffin"...I'm dropping it off at the Purolator depot today to be sent back... came with instructions with pictures, telling me what to put in the box...

...the XBox 360 getting it's foam on...

...packed up and ready to go back to it's maker.