Tuesday, February 05, 2008

4.14 - The One with TJ's return

About seven weeks ago, TJ Ford was taken off the court in Atlanta on a stretcher when he was fouled hard and hit his head on the floor as he came down. TJ had missed an entire season from head and neck injuries so this one looked really bad. Everyone was concerned and no one knew when he'd be able to come back to play.

Last night I turned on the TV late in the first half to watch the Raptors play the Heat in Miami. Then I see TJ Ford checking into the game...huh? I had to check to see if I was watching the game live or if I was watching an older game. Nope...it was live and TJ was back in uniform and on the court with a huge smile. The Raptors were up big and it was a great game for TJ to come in and play. He capped off the game with a dunk off the baseline...basically saying..."I'm Back!"

Speaking of dunks...check this video from Jamario Moon who's participating in the Dunk Competition soon...

click here if you can't see it.

I know you can't see the last dunk but you can see where he takes off from. It's a good step before the foul line!!! If he makes that dunk it'll be incredible...can't wait...


Dalton said...

I think that the Raptors need a permanent videographer.