Sunday, July 22, 2007

3.46 - The One with the Personal Assistant

I had the unique and fabulous opportunity to have my very own personal assistant..although it was still was great. Dalton just so happened to be working on something else while answering my phone and text messages while I just lay in a pool chair floating around in the pool. He would go inside and work on his thing...then come out and relay a message to me and I would dictate a response and it would be sent. I can see why all these celebrities and CEO's have PA''s so much nicer for someone else to do your work when you just want to be lazy.

Thanks Dalton


Dalton said...

Anytime T.Lam.

Well, not really anytime. Just anytime I'm working on something that allows me the time to be able to answer your texts and respond on your behalf. And don't get too used to it. You're no CEO yet. But if you ever become one and decide to go the PA route, give me a shout!