Tuesday, July 17, 2007

3.45 - The One with the rat

As my time here working at the group home ends, I took my favourite client out for dinner and a movie. It's great when you take them out into the community and they are treated with respect. But then there's the odd time where someone is insensitive and says something that just irks you. Normally it's a kid and they don't know better...but when it's an adult...that just irritates me.

We were out to see Ratatouille (which by the way was an excellent film) and R was having a good time looking around at his surroundings, taking it all in. Now to give you a little background on R...he tends to talk to himself quietly and constantly. He only says a few phrases and repeats them over and over. But he will get excited and cheer when he hears it. Anyways, R and I are in the theatre...mainly populated by children and their parents, enjoying the movie. R talks to himself for abit...repeats a few things over and over. He says a few things a little louder...but still is repeating what he's saying. A lady a few rows up turns and glares at us...obviously not being able to see who is making the noise. Maybe 10 minutes later she turns again and says, "Will you STOP that!" It took everything in me not to get up and call her out...also R was sitting closer to the aisle to I couldn't get out.

Soon after, her friend got up and went out to get a drink and must have went to complain to an usher who came back and told them that R came in in a wheelchair and was disabled. After the movie was finished I got R's wheelchair and I was getting him back into it, when the lady came up to me and apologized not knowing he was disabled. I just looked at her and said, "That's fine...it happens all the time...isn't it sad?"

I'm sure she was embarrassed...but what really get's me is that she applogized to me. It's no me who she should apologize to...it's R. Plus...wouldn't you clue in that if someone is talking thoughout a movie...and is repeating the same thing over and over...that maybe...just maybe that he/she can't help it? Perhaps I've been working at this job for so long that I just take it as second nature. Other than the lady rat...the evening was lots of fun. R had a great time at East Side Mario's and at the movies eating tons of popcorn. I'm going to miss working with the guys...


L.Bo Marie said...

seriously erks me..
that and the people who continue to talk to you... about the individual in front of them!!!!

shesh... poor buddy...