Tuesday, July 03, 2007

3.42 - The One with More then Meets the Eye

It was quite a weekend...I don't remember any other weekend in which so much stuff was just jammed packed into it. From seeing movies, to the Waterfront Festival, to the iPhone release and of course...'More than Meets the Eye"! Here are the highlights:

  • iPhone Friday...with the release of the iPhone in the USA and all the coverage...it just makes me want one so much more. It looks so sleek and sexy...I will have one sooner or later.
  • saw Live Free or Die Hard on Friday to kick off the long weekend. It was a "turn your brain off and watch" kinda movie. Justin (Hi I'm a Mac) Long was hilarious, Bruce Willis makes a triumphant return as Det. John MacClane...BUT...it wasn't really a Die Hard movie. It could have been the 24 movie with Bruce Willis instead of Kiefer Sutherland. The swearing wasn't there...but there was action packed. Still a very enjoyable movie
  • The Waterfront Festival in town was pretty good this year. All the same kinds of things were happening...but the biggest highlight was Boss Hogs Ribs. I've never had better ribs before...so much better than any restaurant. I can't wait for them to come back for Rib Fest later in August.
  • of course the Fireworks on Sunday were great as well. Don't you love how we spend so much money to shoot stuff in the air...and people flock and camp out for a 15 minute show. Regardless....fireworks are always fun to see.
  • NHL free agency started on Sunday...and it looks like the Rangers and the Flyers have completely different teams. Too bad for the Sabres and the Islanders who lost all their good players.
  • Vince (cry baby) Carter signed back with New Jersey after saying he wanted to test the free agent market. I guess he figured out that no one wants him for the price he was asking.
  • Congrats to Jaimie and Tammy with their new baby boy Ethan Richard! Naomi and I went to visit them in the hospital on Saturday. Cute kid...and I've never seen Jaimie smile so much...such a proud father.
  • Transformers the Movie. It was AMAZING! Beinto end off the weekend with a bang...Darrien and I went to an advanced screening ofg a big fan of the Transformers since I was a kid this was THE movie I've been looking forward to for a long time. I didn't want to overhype it before i went and I have a problem of stuff like that. I love movie spoilers and even if I know everything that is going to happen in the movie, I still enjoy it. This one...I saw all the trailers...didn't read too much on it...and I was so impressed. In typical Michael Bay fashion the movie was loaded with action and everything was just HUGE. It was funny, quirky and a little cheesy in some spots...but it didn't matter. Once I saw the robots transform...I was in my element. I need to see it again...


Dalton said...

I told you NOT to give any of the movie away. Thanks Titus!