Thursday, April 26, 2007

3.29 - The One with K.I.T.T.

I picked up my brother from school day, and as I was driving down Division street, a black car peeled out of a parking lot and ended up beside me on the left. I recognized that it was an early 80's Pontiac TransAm...and stated as a joke, "Hey look, it's K.I.T.T." (editors note: if you didn't recognize the name K.I.T.T. right away you won't understand the rest of the story. Please reach back into your inner 80's childhood or read up on it here) As we both came to a stop at the light, I was slightly ahead of the TransAm and my brother said, "check if it has the red sensor bar." So we both leaned over and took a look. To our amazement it was there! The driver must have seen us looking, because the sensor bar started to glow and the light paced back and forth. I looked up at the driver and he gave me a big smirk. I returned a thumbs up and drove away. Too bad the driver wasn't "The Hoff".