Monday, August 28, 2006

2.76 - The One with the Fog of War

The fog of war is a term used to describe the level of ambiguity in situational awareness experienced by participants in military operations.

Although I wasn't participating in any military operation it sure seemed like the level of my situational awareness was very low last night. Adam and I were driving back from Jim's place way out in the country and we were hit by the thickest fog I've ever encountered. At one point I couldn't see 5 feet past the hood of the truck. It was pretty wild...not very fun when it's pitch black out and you have to drive 15 minutes back into town in the thick fog.


Crilly said...

That was some crazy thick fog.

Rick: "You know, if you want to drive a bit slower, I'm okay with that."

Me: "I think I am too."

Emily said...

Hey! Glad you made it out alive.

I'll write soon.