Monday, August 14, 2006

2.73 - The One where emotions run high

...there are a few movies out there that I've seen that have drained me emotionally. Hotel Rwanda, Schindler's List, The Passion of The Christ, and now World Trade Center. Some people think that it's still a bit early for a movie about the accounts of September 11, 2001...but I thnk that this movie was a good reminder of how short life can be, the courage and love that we have and can show to each people...coming from different backgrounds and creeds can still be united as one. How easily we forget that we are one people...God's children...and we should stand united.

But as we were chatting after the movie...we discussed how distant we are from the rest of the world. Right now there are bombings in the middle east, civil wars in Africa and we here in North America are still sitting pretty. We don't know how lucky we are to live how we do. Sure 9/11 was a tragedy, but to some people in the world face things that are unthinkable to us everyday. We take life and our freedom for granted. We need to take time to reflect and tell the people that are around us how much we appreciate them and how much we love them.

Getting back to 9/11...this November, a few of us are planning to visit NYC and one of the things I want to see is Ground Zero. My emotions were running high during the movie when I saw the images of the devastation...but when I'm actually there...I'm not sure what kind of state I'll be in. I do recommend this movie...I though it was very well done. It focuses on two police officers that were pulled out of the rubble and what they went through that day. It leaves the politics at home and displays the courage and love of the families and the brave people that helped down at Ground Zero.