Wednesday, August 23, 2006

2.75 - The One with the reluctant star

I was at the airport again on the weekend picking Darrien and Jarryd up and while I was waiting for them to come out I noticed something that I didn't before. There were a lot of video cameras around. I'm not talking about the security ones...I mean the camcorders.As families were waiting for their loved one(s) to come out, they would be taping everything that was going on...and as the person came out the camera was fixed to them and they'd be in the next great home movie that you'd probably never see again. As I was watching this happen over and over again...the weary travellers usually didn't notice the camera until it was too late...and by that time they didn't want to be filmed, they just wanted to get out of the airport. I'm not sure if I'd want to be on camera as I came out with my luggage. I think just seeing someone on the other end is good enough. I don't need watch those moments over and over again.

I was also at Costco on Sunday and I noticed something in a few carts that I didn't know that they sold there. Children...that's right...there were children in a few of the carts...must be aisle 5, way at the top shelf. I wonder how much they go for?


~ robin ~ said...

that's funny - i was at the airport here this past sunday and i noticed the same thing. this one guy in particular would poke the camera in the sliding door, every time it opened, hoping that whoever he was waiting for was behind it... i'd hate to be those people who didn't know him and were being filmed for no reason.