Monday, May 29, 2006

2.47 - The one with the boom

I don't know what the fascination with guys and fire is...something about it draws us to it. Now I'm not a pyro, but I do enjoy a good fireworks show, especially if it is homemade. The other night we were all out at VanDan's for a bonfire...and we created our own little fireworks show. Who knew that flour and fire would create such a show?

Pretty fun huh? Now I know you want to run out and try it...just make sure that no one is on the other end of the fire when you throw the flour in. That night we went through 20kgs of flour...good thing it's cheap. Oh ya...Adam threw in a can of pop...we all took cover and heard a small 'bang', thinking that was the can we all gathered back around the fire. Maybe about 20 minutes later...'BOOM'. Shrapnel flew from the fire and we found the pop can with it's top blown off clean. Now that's one for the trophy case.

I also went to see X3 this was a good X-Men movie. It tied in well with the previous two, there were parts that I didn't like, and parts I really enjoyed. If you haven't seen it, stay until the bitter end, after the credits roll...there is a 30 second clip that left the audience in my theatre saying "woah".


Dalton said...

I got some of that schrapnel in my face, thank you very much.

L.Bo Marie said...