Monday, May 22, 2006

2.46 - The One with the May 2-4

hmmm...why is it called the May 2-4 weekend when it doesn't always fall on May 24th? In any was a great weekend. I love long weekend...even if I have to work...somehow it ends up being such a fun filled one. This is what went down:

  • I was 'Submerged'
  • worked the graveyard
  • bounced at the door
  • read the greens
  • played like a sieve...but made a couple spectacular glove saves
  • had a hot tub sesh
  • viewed the flightplan
  • didn't head the gambler's advice...leading to a gypsy and a pianoman take my pot of gold
  • attempted to cure a sick laptop which I couldn't see
  • watched the oilers take a 2-0 strangle hold
  • drove the kids back
  • and long live the grill.

now its back to the 'real' world...cue music, lights, background action, and...