Tuesday, May 02, 2006

2.40 - The One with the end of an era, goodbye to a legend

One of the benefits of having a birthday is that everyone wants to take you out for a meal...so since last Friday, the only meals I've eaten at home has been breakfast...everything else has been lunch/dinner on someone else. Only happens once a year...but it's worth it.

Well my Red Wings have been eliminated from the playoffs in the first round for the last 3 seasons. Disappointing to say the least...the #1 seed beaten by the #8. But kudos to the Oilers...they played hard and they are a team to lookout for the rest of the playoffs. Last night could very well be the last game that Steve Yzerman played in the NHL. Yzerman, who turns 41 on May 9, has spent his entire career with the Red Wings since they drafted him fourth overall in 1983. His 20 seasons as captain is an NHL record. He sits 8th in the all time goals list, and 5th in all time points. He is the captian of all captians...

...thanks for the memories.


L.Bo Marie said...

I don't get it... is he dead?

T said...

he's gonna retire