Monday, May 25, 2009

5.63 - The One at the zoo

Last week Naomi turned to me and said..."Let's go to the zoo..." So we went on Saturday. I haven't been to the zoo since I was a kid, and all I can remember is that there was a LOT of walking. But I was pretty excited. The weather was great, not too hot, and when the sun was beaming down, there was a nice breeze that came through. The highlight of the visit was the sting ray exhibit. An extra $3...but so worth it. We were able to pet and feed them. Not sure when I'll go back to the zoo again, but I'm sure that I won't wait as long as I did.

And for all you hockey fans...check out the BEST hit of the year. Too bad the refs blew the call and gave Kronwall a 5 minute major and a game misconduct for a clean hit.

[via YouTube]