Tuesday, May 19, 2009

5.61 - The One with the golf ball

Best quote from this weekend came from my round of golf with Chris and Rick. Picture 18th hole, slight dogleg to the right. Elevated green, 50 yard wide fairway...with a large tree, about 210 yards away, just off the right tree line. Chris tees up and nails the tree. We get up to it and try to find the ball. Some his ball ends up a few yards in front of the tree. I find it and place a pine cone on it to mark his ball. Chris grabs an appropriate wedge from his bag and Rick drives off in the cart to find his ball. I come up behind in my cart and drive over Chris' ball as he is looking out into space.

As I'm waiting for Chris to hit his ball I hear him yell, "HEY! Did you step on my ball?"

"No man..."

"WHAT?!?! That's not possible...it's like sunken into the ground!"

"Nope...didn't step on it..."


"I drove over it! HAHAHA!!!"

"HAHAHA! Jerk!"

...ahh gotta love golfing with friends...