Wednesday, October 29, 2008

5.15 - The One with the CD Cleaner

The next day after I got my 6...the cd changer decided to spit out my cd's...but it was doing it randomly. Sometimes it would play my cd's...and sometimes it didn't want to. I couldn't figure it out...I read through message boards and my owners manual and none of the suggestions worked. I thought about running a cd cleaner for the player through it, but the manual said not to. But...since it's not really working...what's there to loose? Off to Wal the cleaner and ran it through the player. It didn't like it at first...but after some took. The cd cleaner played in the player with some female voice telling me exactly what it was doing at the time. Once it was finished, I loaded my cd's back in the changer...and it worked...who knew? $7 vs $300 for a new deck...I think I won this round.