Tuesday, October 07, 2008

5.10 - The One with the 08/09 Draft

Last night I participated in my second annual NHL fantasy draft. I've been locked away going through numbers, magazines, and forecasts to ensure that I would know who to pick and when...ok maybe not...but I did spend a couple hours making my wish list. Last season I came in 4th or 5th and I had the #2 pick. This year, I drew the #6 pick out of 11. Check out my team...

NHL 08/09 Fantasy Draft
Vincent LecavlierLightningScott NiedermayerDucksMartin BroduerDevils
Daniel SedinCanucksSergei ZubovStarsJ.S. GigureDucks
Correy PerryDucksAndrej MeszarosLightning

Andrei KostitsynCanadiensBrent SeabrookBlackhawks

Markus NaslandRangersBrad StuartRed Wings

Kristian HuseliusBlue Jackets

Sam GagnerOilers

Johan FranzenRed Wings

Joe PavelskiSharks

I think I picked a pretty strong team, it's better than last years team by far. My goalies are solid and I'm hoping that my forwards will bring in lots of points for me...let's hope no one gets injured.