Friday, July 11, 2008

4.88 - The One with iPhone day

so today is "iPhone day"...I've been pretty excited about it. But then Rogers decided to come up with this ridiculous data rate plan. That turned me off. There was an online petition that went out and about 50,000+ would be iPhone buyers signed it calling for Rogers to lower the data rate plan. Rogers caved and is now offering a better rate plan for a reasonable price...but at a limited time. Plus you have to sign a contract for 3 years. That's all fine and dandy until you find out the 3G iPhone can only run on the Edge network (it's slower) in my town. I have to drive half an hour east to get 3G service.

I drove by the Rogers store in town on the way to work and I saw about 6-7 customers lined up outside ready to buy the iPhone. I bet that they only have about 5 iPhones in the store...too sad. I'll hold out until there is a data plan that I can afford.