Monday, July 07, 2008

4.86 - The One with the mirror

ahh...they joys of moving into a new place. Over the last week we've been crazy busy moving stuff into the new apartment where Naomi will live. I'll join her after the wedding...but that doesn't mean I can't bring my stuff over and move it in. This weekend Chris came by to help me put a 30x65 inch mirror that we bought at Ikea at the end of the hallway. Should be simple enough right? Find the studs, drill holes, put the screws into hold the mirror up and then mount. So we found the studs, drilled a hole...and that's where it went downhill. Thinking that there were wood studs Chris drilled a hole wood. We rechecked the studs...and drilled another hole...nothing. Then it dawned on us...there are no wood studs in this apartment building. They were aluminum studs! So after making a few holes in the wall...we finally got the mirror mounted. There's just going to be a few holes to fill when we move out...

On another note...I still need to come up with a good nickname for the apartment...any suggestions?