Monday, June 09, 2008

4.76 - The One with Wii Fit

I finally found Wii Fit last week and have been working at it everyday for at least 30+ minutes a day. I knew from the start that I'd probably be a little it didn't surprise me during the first body test. I was slightly over the normal BMI bar...and over the last week I've dropped down to the normal. But last night as I did my daily body test it said I gained 2.5 lbs. I guess that could be the case since on Saturday we did go to a buffet for my parents anniversary party. Not satisfied with it...I did the body test again...and it said I gained 0.9 lbs since my last Body Test...which was less than a minute before. I don't know what to think...I'll check it out tonight and see what's going on. Either way...I'm really liking Wii Fit. It's pretty fun. The yoga stuff is pretty crazy...I like it.

One last thing...this is from Not Always Right

(A man of at least 80 years of age came up to my checkout lane. Here’s what happened as I was bagging his last item.)

Me: “Man, I just don’t think this is gonna fit in here.”

Customer, completely straight-faced: “That’s what she said.”

Me: “I’m sorry?”

Customer, still straight-faced: “That’s what she said.”

(Needless to say, I nearly died of laughter. If there were only more grandfathers like that out there.)
[via Not Always Right]