Tuesday, June 03, 2008

4.73 - The One with Numnah

34.7 seconds...34.7 SECONDS!!! That's the difference between going back to Pittsburgh for game 6 and hoisting the Cup in victory. Then came the 3 OT's and the heart breaking Penguins goal. I guess we still have 2 more shots at winning the Cup. Let's Go Wings!

Anyone catch the National Spelling Bee? I saw that it was on TSN on Friday...TSN...short for The Sports Network. I didn't know spelling was a sport. I think they should have a Gaming Network where they show Poker, Billiards, Darts, Dog Shows, and spelling bees. Keep that other stuff off of the sports channels. That being said...this clip was from the ABC broadcast...

[via Today's BIG Thing]

I picked up Wii Fit today...probably going to get my butt kicked by it...I might need a numnah after this...