Tuesday, January 29, 2008

4.12 - The One with 50 years of Lego

Yesterday Lego celebrated its 50th anniversary of the infamous Lego brick. I was first introduced to Lego when I was young...and I loved it. Of course there came along it's competitor MegaBlocks, but my parents would never get me that even though it was cheaper...they stuck to the Lego brand. MegaBlocks is to Lego what GoBots were to Transformers. Thankfully my parents always got me the good stuff. When Lego got the Star Wars license I was in bricker heaven. I think between my brother and I we had all of the sets that they first introduced. Then Lego came out with the Ultimate Collectors series with many more pieces and with that, so much more detail.

This is a time lapse video of the Ultimate Collectors Millennium Falcon that I saw on Boing Boing. The set consists of 5195 pieces and is the largest set in production...too bad it's HUGE and costs nearly $700.

if the video doesn't load...click here to see it.