Friday, January 25, 2008

4.11 - The One with Mr. Bublé

Last night I took Naomi too the Michael Bublé concert at the Air Canada Centre...and was amazing.

A vocal group from New York called Naturally 7 opened for Buble with their soothing renditions of Mr. Misters Broken Wings, Phil Colins' In the Air Tonight and a medley of Simon & Garfunkel tunes. Then they went to do a demo of what they call "vocal play"...basically they show off their vocal skills imitating various musical instruments. The guy doing the bass guitar was incredible.

Onto the main event...Bublé came out and did his thing. He sang, danced, went out into the crowd to take pictures, sign some autographs and even got his ass grabbed by some over zealous lady. It's a good thing Bublé has a great sense of humour...he complimented on the lady on how she really got a good firm...uhh...grip... and told a couple of 9-year old girls in the front row, "I'm glad I have fans like you, or I'd turn into Amy Winehouse so fast."

His ad-libbing throughout his show kept it lively and spontaneous...when he started to snap his fingers to the beat of Fever, the crowd started to cheer. "How do you know what song I'm going to sing?" The crowd had a good laugh and Bublé went into the Hockey Song by Stompin' Tom Connor. It didn't take long for the entire arena to sing with him. He also told us that his song Home was written about Toronto. This was one of the most entertaining concerts that I've been at...his band was amazing...especially his 19 year old pianist/music director/co-writer.

Bublé ended his set (before his 2 song encore) with Song For You where he sang the last few lines a capella...and without a microphone. His voice carried around the arena and was the most heartfelt, most sincere expression of his appreciation to his Toronto fans who propelled him into stardom. Great concert.