Friday, November 16, 2007

3.87 - The One with 300

"This is SPARTA!!"

well not really...BUT this is my 300th post...that's a lot of posts. I was reading back on some of the stuff I wrote on not too long ago...and I blog about the most random things. Sometimes its relevant...other times it was I thinking? Although it is nice to go back and remember what the heck was important enough to blog. (btw...Where's Heck? It's the place where people go that don't believe in Gosh")

This writer's strike has claimed it's first victim. My beloved The Office has aired it's last episode this season. Hopefully not...but that remains to be seen when they resolve this strike. I understand why the writers are going on strike...they want a cut in DVD and internet download sales, and the studios don't want to give them anything. I'm glad the actors are supporting their writers...but it's the public that will suffer most. There's only so much reality TV I can take. I will miss The Office and hope that the strike ends sooner than later. I'll just play Assassin's Creed to fill my time...


Dalton said...

That video was incredible. That must have taken months to choreograph!