Tuesday, November 13, 2007

3.85 - The One with the registry

This past weekend, Naomi and I started our wedding registry. It was a little overwhelming...so much stuff to get...so little time. It's a good thing we're going to register at more than one place because some of the stuff that we found wasn't that nice. Hopefully we'll find better stuff elsewhere...the scanning with the gun was pretty fun I must admit...

I finally got my Wiimote covers in the mail...they were easy to "install", but since I have a charger for them, I'll have to take them off after each use...they have a funky smell to them. It's not rubber, I'm not sure what it is...funny thing is, everyone that's seen them, the first thing they do is smell them. What's the fascination? It's like we're drawn to weird smells.

OH, Vince Carter is out indefinitely with another sprained ankle...suckers